Our Exhibition Space will be at The Art House in Sheffield.

This space is Perfect for our exhibition and so show the current project ‘our little secret’. The venue is small and intimate. It has a warm and welcoming ground floor cafe to house our past work from previous assignments and a small quaint first floor to house our current project our little secret.

The cafe are will hold some posters of my current project. Along with images i have done previously. I do not know which images i will show yet although i do have many shortlisted.

At our exhibition the cafe will be closed and I have out of house caterers coming in with proccesso and canapes *how classy*.

The upper floor has a small exhibition room with a hall way leading to it. We plan to have my images on the hall way walls leading to the exhibition room where the short film will be shown.

The lower levels will hold a different feel as the upper floor, we aim to low level piano music to be played throughout the lower levels, this will not interrupt the upper level film screening.


If anyone would like to attend this. It will be on the 25th of April at 6:00. 😀