Meet the artists.


Kasey Windle-Heath, 27 from Barnsley. Inspired by those who have ambition and random quotations, described by others as bubbly and lovely, Favorite saying ‘Best thing since sliced bread’

I am the only photographer from this exhibition, I draw inspiration from my personal life and experiences, I believe that to draw inspiration from a personal affairs, I will not only gain notification from my viewers but I will gain the best kind of constructive criticism, this to in my opinion is how we grow as artists. Without feedback I sometimes cannot see my mistakes.

From Artist Statement…
To me beauty is not as obvious as some may think. Sometimes we need to peel back the cover to see the beauty underneath, photography is a great tool to uncover the hidden beauty of the world…
yes, everything may have been photographed before but it’s the way it’s photographed and who photographed it, that is still to be discovered…
Photography to me is: a snippet of time and a moment from the past, a new perspective and a border look into the world from the use of photography.

Moving Media specislist
Moving Media specialist

Stacey Cutts, 24 from Rotherham, Described by others as ambitions, Favorite saying ‘meah’

Media has always been a big influence in my life, I have grown up watching endless films and TV shows, from this I have always pictured myself working onset,

I am inspired by Martin Scorsese as I am a big fan of gangster films and film noir, i love how Scorsese brings his personal experiences to light through the use of moving media and film-making

I am the only Filmmaker from this exhibition, I aim to create a short and artistic films that can inspire and create awareness to the things I believe in. Developing from a music background I found media to be my calling. I was drawn towards the creation of the visual aspects of film making and filmography.