Working with a fantastic company today ‘Care cushions Ltd’. First shoot of making 4 videos and stills of this growing company.

What a wonderful company to be working with, this new and up coming company has high hopes for the future, of bringing happiness and joy to people using therapeutic creativity. Specializing in making cushions for those who are missing a loved one or who want to preserve a memory of someone. Creating, making and manufacturing these cushions and bringing love with it. Not only am I in great company whilst working with the company director Karen, but this company has me in disbelieve that one person can bring such joy to hundreds if not thousands of people with a such a simple concept and a hug.

What a productive day, we have already managed to video 5 prep videos and some stills of the process.

Has been fantastic and a pleasure working with you in your home workshop Karen and I can not wait for our next shoot.