These image where all created by Photoshop,  a range of images i took while undergoing a movement project, the text includes quotations from a range of locations and personal statements about having dyslexia.

image 1-  This image represents the difficulty distinguishing the colour of the image and the word itself .

image 2- Represents what its like reading as a dyslexic, this text reads “To experience the mind of a dyslexic, try reading a mixed up sentence while traveling 50 mph past it. Then include confusion of what the word means and question what your brain is telling you is correct”.

Image 3- one word with a busy background, looking through the word into a dyslexics mind.

Image 4- Quote.

image 5- A statement that “its all in the mind” with the background saying “Everything is connected”.

image 6- A statement from myself, “I need to be given the time to understand” with the moving background and this page will be printed onto a dictionary page will make it difficult to read, an experience that will have the viewer asking fro time to understand.

image 7 and 9- images within text, these will also be printed on dictionary page, making it difficult for them to read. Statements from myself and my own diagnosis of having dyslexia.

image 8- this will be printed onto a dictionary page also, that is what the background represents, these two paragraphs are of the same thing but the top one is how someone with dyslexia may read it and the bottom one being the original sentence.