My artist book is going to be about Dyslexia.

This is something that effects me as a person, this idea came to me due to the simple thought of a book. i consider books to be frustrating and confusing. This is due to the effects of having dyslexia myself. Reading isn’t a hobby of mine because it is very time consuming and frustrating. these are some of the thought i am aiming to interpret into my photography while taking the images for this project.

My ideas for my book.

  • Hard backed leather cover with card- the leather will be of my skin colour, this is to represent it being personal to me.
  • The title of the book will be Miss-understod. I will intentional spell the title wrong for it to relate better to its pages and the theme of the book itself. i also chose the title Miss-understod due to it also representing me as a female.
  • Images of homophones and homographs, these for those who do not know are words that can sound the same and spent different or that are slept with all the same letters but sound the same, this is something that effects me daily. The words will include- Angle and Angel and Piece and peace.
  • Images of frustration confusion- this is an effect of having dyslexia, the frustration of having to read something 3 times before you understand and the confusion of trying to get your words on paper.
  • Pages of text, make no sense- this will not be hard as i do this daily. i aim to write something as i would and have it make sense to me and show the difference in a ‘normal sentence’
  • Pages of text- each sentence/ line repeated
  • Image in the text- the image i will use for this type of page will be pre-existing images from a movement project i did a few years ago, i aim to use these images, because when i read the words sometimes seem to move and i will try and reiterate this in these text-images.
  • Text overlaid on top of image- same as above
  • Use dictionary pages- i aim to use pages from an old dictionary to print some of the image on, this will be to involve the pages themselves in the theme of the book and also make the text harder to read, so the viewer will have to concentrate when reading things in my artist book, just like i would have to if reading a book.
  • Binding with an elastic band- this idea was influenced by a past artist book created by Beppe Kessler, she made a book from photography film covered in paint and bound it with an elastic band, I aim to do this due to I think an elastic band interprets the mind of a dyslexic, if i was pushed too much i will stretch by boundaries and learn (contort) from those experiences but if i am stretched too much i loose all concentration and snap.