What is an Artist book?

An artist book is an art form created by the artist themselves, with no involvement from other people, that could include binders, printers or illustrators. They are not necessarily a traditional book but can be seen to resemble a book, or have a book like structure, they are usually a portable piece of art work and can be themed around anything the artist desires including; religion, politics, personal conflicts or opinions, they are not always presented or themed in a civilized manner as at times they have been seen to be rude.



The Contemporary Artist Book.

It was not only artists that were creating Artist books, it was also people like the popular singer, and actress Madonna. Who created her own artist book in 1992 title ‘Sex’
Through primary research via blogs and webpages I have found that the artist book is defined in many different ways, there is no strong or reliable definition as to give an explanation as to what an artist book should and should not be, the only thing each explanation has in common, is they explain the artist book to be unique and like a work of art should be. This below image is of what I would define as an artist book, it is unique, this book that I have written about in my presentation is a book by Beppe Kessler, 1987. Bound with an elastic band, the book only contains 1inch film strips painted with vibrant colours, there are 5 different books, all with the use of different film strips gifted to her by a film maker friend (name unknown).