I have been given a new unit, for my BA (Hons) degree in Moving Media and Photography. The unit allows me to research and indulge further into a topic I have studied before. The Module unit is titled ‘The Artist Book’. Within this unit I have to undergo research into the depths of the artist book, its purpose, its meaning and its history. Although I have studied this prior to me undertaking this new unit, I will now delve deeper into the artist book to influence my own practice in aim of creating my own.

So what do I know about the artist book?

  • It is a unique piece, a one off.
  • The book itself does not have to be a traditional book although it does have to resemble a book like object.
  • The book could be a scrollt, a pop up book or loose bits of paper in bonded material.
  • It is created by the artist or photographer themselves.
  • The books contents are not restricted in any way. Any content the artist wishes to use is not out of bounds. Although the book is sometimes a symbolic piece to represent the work in a curtain way.
  • The Role of an Artists book is dependent on the Artist themselves, the content could be personal, religious, political or cultural.

What I aim to learn about The Artists Book.

  1. Over all what is ‘The Artists Book’?
  2. What is The Artists books history?
  3. Why is the Artists book different to regular books or photo-books?
  4. Why is the artist book so important?
  5. When is a book not as book?
  6. What can a book be? does it have to be or have
    1. An object?
    2. Digital?
    3. Readable?
    4. Covered? etc..
  7. Is the artist book a publication or collection? or both?
  8. Does it have to have a front and back cover to be a book?
  9. What content is usually in an artist book? and why?

Names and books and people of interest.

  • Martin Parr.
  • Sophie Calle.
  • ivre d’artiste.
  • Zeen.

Websites of interest.

All Links above are on the subject of the artist book, all giving a knowledgeable description of the artists book in definition.

Although can it be defined to a specific thing or object? Is it a broad range of different imaginative publications, illustrated and created by those in the creative industry? and why is it so important to some? this is what I aim on finding out within my research.

So here I go in search of the magnificent and creative world of the Artist book.