For this project of contemporary themes I am taking images of landscapes using only my iPad air. Not the best camera in the world, although here I have found some app that may optimise the camera, here is how I got on

Camera apps

These two images where captured using the original camera app on the iPad air, the images have a wider angel than other apps I have used to capture some of the other images, the colour quality and exposure quality is also better than some of the other apps.

These two images where taken using the ‘M-Camera lite’ downloaded to my iPad air, this app enabled the used to set focus, exposure and ISO manually and it also has an auto setting. The above images where taken on the ait setting, although the images are under exposed and the ISO is too high there is a grain to the images. This camera app also has a smaller crop to the original camera app.

The above two images there taken using the ‘Yamera’ app downloaded onto my iPad air. The images have the same tonal range and exposure levels as the original camera although with this app the images have been recorded in a narrower angle. On this app there is option to use manual or auto controls, for these images I used manual exposure to capture the left image and auto for the right image to see the difference between them.

Editing apps

After I did my final shoot I edited some of the images with the apps I have downloaded.

Pic Sketch.


This app enabled the user to use an image from there devices gallery or capture a new image. Once an image has been added to the app it turns the image into a sketched photo, The user can then determine what type of sketch they want and how detailed, you can also add frames. Below are the images I have edit using the app, I used the same image to see a better comparison.

The images created by this app are great and look realistic as a pencil drawing although for a landscape project I do not think these images give the best perspective of the images, to use an app like this one, I think it would be best using a most detailed and close up image not a wide angles landscape.

Photo Editor


This app enables the user to edit there images using effects and filters, you can use artistic filters like the sketch app above or you can keep the image as a photo and apply colour filters and effects.

I used the same image as above, to enable an even comparison throughout.

Below are the images I created using this editing app.

The left image has the added effected named ‘Dean’. The Right image has added effect of scene enhancement.

These images work well using this app, it enhances the colour and makes the images sharper although if these images where to be printed the colour may look over powering and the sharpness that the app has added may make the images look more grainy.


Photo Lab

This app is best for artistic filters and effects that can be added to an images, the app has a huge range of different filters and effects that can be added to any image. From artistic filters like oil painting and pen sketch to lighting effects and stylizing effects. Here are the outcomes of the image I editing using this app.

From this experimental work I will edit my final images through the ‘photo lab’ app, I will also print the images from the iPad and not from transfers from my desktop.

The reason for me printing them straight form the iPad is to keep the contemporary theme and technologies of the iPad, along with the usage of apps running through the projects to its completion.