Contemporary themes and technologies in photography: A long title, a small meaning.

After gathering the meaning and defining what this module was asking of me I then began to gain inspiration.

I first looked at doing a mixed media project, using a DSLR. The more i through of doing this idea, the more it worried me. Although a DSLR is contemporary there not seen by many as being a contemporary as a smartphone or tablet, this worried me because I didn’t think I was fulfilling the module as requested. So I reassessed and found this wasn’t the best idea for this project.

After having a first failed idea I had many more, one which grabbed my attention was, to photograph people on the streets of Sheffield using my smartphone (Galaxy s5), although on my first shoot I realised this wasn’t going to work as this images where very poor quality and in any attempt to edit them the images became cartoon like and over noisy.

So I reassessed again, coming up with the idea to photograph landscapes using my tablet, this idea will by to not only take the images on the tablet they will also be edited and sheared using the same device, the images will be photographed using an ipad air, They will be edited through a verity of apps on the ipad air and sheared to here.