For one of my projects I aim to create a short film, I have researched in-depth want is needed for such a project and how to create a best digital story I can.

When trying to gain inspiration on developing an idea, I have always been told to start with yourself, so I began to ask myself…

What is available to me?

What inspires me?

What are my life experiences?

What do I find interesting?

While answering all the above questions I began to realise I have many avenues that I could explore to create a story. Here are some of the ideas that came to me.

  • A month through a dogs eyes.- Documentary style. the life of a dog, things seen through their eyes, height, researching how they think and what we think they think.
  • A month through the eyes of a 8 year old.- Documentary style, same as above but with interviews with the subject, narrations done by the subject and the struggles of what its like to live in a 8 year olds world.
  • Homosexual Lifestyle.- Documentary style. About the struggles of living within a heterosexual world, of growing up, of coming out and what homosexual people feel daily.
  • Homosexual Parental Decisions.- Documentary style. About Homosexual people having to learn all over again how to reproduce with the person you love, being persecuted as a bad parent because you are homosexual and wanting a child, the questions you have to face yourself.
  • Stress and Anxiety.- Documentary Style, About how the majority of the population deals daily with stress, how some people cope better than others and some don’t cope at all, how this effects people daily and the boundaries it put’s on their life’s.
  • Sinister tails.- Short Horror Film. About a sinister fairy tail, the tales we where all told as children seen through the microscope and dissected into something non-childlike and more demonic.
  • 5 seconds in my shoes.- Short clips, this would be a section of 5 second clips of my shoes daily, this will tell a story as to what I am wearing and where I am stood and the background audio, this can also be done by recording my environment instead.


From further deliberation and troubleshooting I have decided to create a short film about my niece, She is 8 and very interesting.

So here it is- my ideas:

I aim to create a short film using my 8 year old niece as the main character, she is an average 8 year old, not much different to other 8 year old, although throughout this film I aim to gain an idea of what is it like living in 8 year old mind, The film narrative will be around Christmas, the beginning being the run up to Christmas, the middle being getting ready for ‘Santa’ and the end being Christmas day itself. This short film will show the excitableness of a 8 year old and how simple her mind works, it will also include her understanding of how she sees Christmas and what she feels it all about and why?

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