Audio within a digital story can be as important as the visuals.To have the visuals and audio working together can create heightened emotion and understanding for the viewers. There are different type of audio that can be included and each one of the plays a different role and influences the viewing experience.

Here are some great examples I have found that will give explanations and examples of how important, the marriage between the audio and visual aspects of creating a short-film/ digital story are.

*Narration: This type of audio is added to a film to give a deeper meaning and understanding to the viewers, this type of audio is usually done when a film only has 1 main character, this character is usually the narrator, the words they speak are usually scripted and recorded separately to the film, a great example of this is from the recent film ‘Wild’ staring Reese Witherspoon, (2014). A film about a woman undergoing a 1000 mile hike, the film gives explanation of her feelings and thoughts throughout the film, all done by the narration, if this narration wasn’t included in the film alongside the visuals and on-screen audio, the film may not be as impacting or understanding.

See the film details and trailer here>


*Music: With music alongside visuals it can create feeling, emotion and even understanding. If a type of music was changed from a scene in a film it can create an alternative feeling or emotion.

I found a great video on YouTube published by a user called ‘Shelley Craig’, this video shows a great example of how music can change the feeling within a scene, she used a clip from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, while using the clip the music changes from the original triumphant music to scary, funny and sad. Through watching it with the change of audio it creates a whole new viewing experience.

Here is the link to the YouTube Video-

*Lyrical Music: This type of audio aspect is used to creating a scene and is very popular in all forms of digital storytelling. The reason for using music with lyrics is the same as only using music, to involve the viewers and develop a emotional connection. Although in this case it doesn’t just involve the film, it begins to include the artist/ singer of the music/ track. There song is then related and linked to the film and creates a remembrance for the film. For example; The music used in the film ‘Dirty Dancing’ and the most popular song from the film being Hungry Eyes, by Eric Carmen. This song is now permanently linked to the film and always holds an association to it. The song therefore doesn’t become a song it becomes a soundtrack, this can also gain more association to the film than the singer who sang it originally, as we all here people say “That’s the song Hungry eyes from Dirty Dancing” and not “That’s the song Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen”.