This is a type of shot used in some visual recordings of digital storytelling. This type of shot is exactly what is says on the tin… Point of View. Using this type of shot can be done with many types of recording equipment, although the smaller the recording device the better, as it would have to be handheld.

This shot is used in films to give understanding to the viewers of the characters view, especially if they are looking down a sniper gun or like that of the terminator, only able to gain the information visually through the terminates eyes/ computer system.

Researching this type of camera angle I hadn’t realised it had been used in ‘The Terminator’, ‘The American Sniper’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and many more, although the most interesting for me is a undergoing project to create a film called ‘Hardcore’ that will be only shot using POV shots, this film will be a story about a soldier who’s aim will be to rescue his wife from kidnappers.

Examples of POV shots-

Image above from ‘The Terminator’, Image below from ‘American Sniper’

Here is a link to ‘Movie Pilot’ where the film is explained along with a trailer of the film.,manual