What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital Storytelling or otherwise known as ‘DST’ is an artistic practice done by many people from all walks of life, this practise consists of auditory aspects, like narration, music, on camera audio and visual aspects, like moving image, still image and text.

To put all these aspects together enhances an idea or a story being told, I enables in-depth understanding of the viewers and create relationships between the maker and the viewer.

From the beginning of undertaking this project I aimed to develop a further understanding on DST, also how there created to influence on such a meaningful level. while reading the book “Story Circle” by John Hartley and Kelly McWilliam my understanding grew and the meaning and the history of Digital Storytelling began to register in my mind clearly.

Learning to Digital storytelling in respects to its “form” and “practice” and understanding the “movement” itself was the first stepping stone of me creating my own Digital Story.

First Step... Read
Book By John Hartley and Kelly McWilliam, The first step in my Digital Storytelling Project. Very informative