As a part of my BA (Hons) in Moving Media Image and Photography I have a module titled: “Contemporary Themes and Technologies in Photography”. My first reaction was ‘What is that?’ confronted with this title I was flabbergasted on where to start, so I started with breaking down the words and there meanings to develop a further understanding. I came up with:

Contemporary: Defined as what is happening now, if something is seen as contemporary it usually means recent and current work.

Themes: Defined as an ongoing style of the same thing, it may include colour, shape or texture.

Technologies: Technology in the digital age could be anything, something that is seen as a ‘device’ or equipment.

Photography: My practice, My career, My Hobby, My interest.

So to compress the meaning of this model title, it leads me to believe it is asking me to demonstrate and photograph a current style of photography using current equipment and devices.