Looking in the phenomenon of the Selfie I found 4 different types of selfies in the way they are taken and published on social media… I am a victim to some of these Selfie types myself… are you?

1- The ‘Selfie’ usually for woman done in an upward angle to hide there many chins, looking directly at the camera

2- The Mirror Selfie, some done with the full body Selfie but all done facing into a mirror, most people intently include there smart phones.

3- The Group Selfie, done with more than one person in the image, held at a distance to fit everyone in the image and sometimes done with a Selfie stick

4- the disguised Selfie- taken by the person in the image but in a way so the viewers may not think so, the person in the image would either have there eyes closed or is looking away from the camera…

So there you go, ‘The Selfie’ is a camillian… it comes in many forms 😀